When It’s Time To Start Talking About Adult Assisted Living

When It’s Time To Start Talking About Adult Assisted Living

Elderly assisted living: when and how to start the conversation

Moving a chronically ill, bed-ridden or severely cognitively impaired loved one into a senior living situation is one thing. But approaching the conversation about adult assisted living when your loved one is still alert and fairly active can be emotionally overwhelming. No one wants to disrupt the status quo or unnecessarily question a loved one’s ability to function independently, so small concerns often go unspoken until a crisis situation forces the subject.
To allow you and your loved one enough time to research and make an informed decision, we recommend you start the conversation about elderly senior day center before it becomes an undeniable issue. Here are some pointers to help you breach the subject in a loving, beneficial way.

Start the Conversation When the Move is Still a Long Way Off

Assisted Living

Whenever possible, it’s ideal to begin inquiring about your parent’s long-term care desires when it’s still years before it will become an issue. If your older loved ones still enjoy a healthy, vibrant life, they’ll be more likely to accept your questions as a matter of curiosity.

Talk about Other Seniors in Elderly Assisted Living

If your loved one resists the topic of adult assisted living, you can try to get an idea of his wishes by talking about others in senior living situations. Something as simple as watching a movie (try The Notebook, Driving Miss Daisy, Cocoon, Fried Green Tomatoes or Say Anything) that involves elderly assisted living can spur conversation that might illuminate your loved one’s views on the matter.

Ask What Types of Environments They Enjoy

You can find a wealth of information to inform your pursuit apart from the topic of adult assisted living. Start a conversation about crowded places and quiet solitude to see if he’d prefer a smaller, home-based program or a larger, more socially focused facility. If he is at all inclined, you could take personality quizzes or inventories together and talk about the results.

Focus on the Positives

Some seniors resist the adult assisted living because they think of it as being cared for by strangers in an unfamiliar environment. Others embrace the idea because they view it as an efficient way of life that offers superior social opportunity. Do your best to talk up the positive aspects of long-term care.

Be Open to Providing Home Care if At All Possible

senior day centerPut yourself in your loved one’s shoes for a moment. Would you feel comfortable relocating to an elderly assisted living facility if you knew your son had the resources to care for you at his home? For many, caregiving is a burden beyond reasonable expectation because of economic, work or family circumstances. For others, it is a viable option. Having an open mind yourself is the best way to help your loved one keep an open mind as well.

Show Her What Adult Assisted Living Really Looks Like

Some seniors shy away from conversations about adult assisted living because of incorrect assumptions they make about it. The stigma of the institutionalized, smelly nursing home can be broken by a couple visits to well-appointed elderly assisted living facilities in a location and setting your loved one is drawn to.

Get Support

Some situations require additional help from trained professionals. If your loved one refuses to get the help you know she needs, you may need to see a counselor, visit a geriatric care specialist, or join a support group where you can share camaraderie and get ideas. When your loved one’s safety is at stake, don’t let old fears, arguments or patterns keep you from giving the help you know she needs.


retirement housing

Remodeling Your Home for Your Retirement Years

Retirement approaching? Do you know how your home will measure up to your future needs? Let’s take a look…

You really like your own home. You have no desire to move into a retirement community or retirement housing and you don’t want to be a bother to your children. What are you going to do? You will need to evaluate your situation using your head as well as your heart. You can of course read up on a senior care guide or make some phone calls to senior living communities. Above all, don’t wait so long that the decision has to be made by someone else. Think ahead.

The location of your home is ideal for you now but will it be in the future when it is a little harder for you to get around? Is it close to your church, library, community center and favorite shopping mall? Are you involved in your community, does your family live nearby and can you deal with changing seasons as you grow older?

Think ahead. Picture yourself using a walker or a wheelchair, no longer able to drive, needing someone to help you with activities of daily living. There are a few things to consider when you look at your home with a makeover in mind.

retirement homeHome Entry

Do you have an automatic garage door opener? Can you picture a ramp to at least one entry into your house or a railing on the ramp or something as simple as putting a shelf where you can put your groceries while dealing with the door? How do you manage now when you come up to the door juggling bags of groceries while searching for your key? Doors are a problem. They just aren’t designed for easy access by any other means than walking. Consider that a swinging door needs to be wide enough for wheelchair and walker access and you might consider levered handles with a single lock or easy to use electronic key security system.


Decreasing vision is a huge consideration and needs to be dealt with accordingly. Consider blinds or shades that will control glare. All stairwells and hallways should be brightly lit. Think about florescent lights along the basement, attic or dark stairs. Even things like switches and thermostat placement (no higher than 48 inches above the floor and electrical outlets at least 27 inches above the floor). Light switches that can be seen in the dark or touch control switches. Fixtures that can accommodate increased wattage and brighter lighting next to high use areas.

senior apartment san diego


Floors should have a high priority. Think slip resistant and well-lighted floors. Rugs should be secured so they will not slide. Heavy weight, short pile and level carpets are good if they allow easy movement for wheelchairs and walkers. Low gloss finishes will minimize glare. Sounds like pretty nit-picky stuff, but remember we are looking ahead.


Ideally you are already living in a one-story house, but this isn’t always the case. If you have stairs, you will need to think about handrails, non-step treads or even a chair lift. A lot of thought needs to go into how you are going to maneuver around in a house designed for teenagers.

Hallways and Walls

Think about handrails in the hallways, textured wallpaper or matte paint finishes to reduce glare, and electrical outlets in convenient locations. The aim here is to help you safely maneuver around. We take all of these things for granted, but when you are thinking about remodeling, remember to think not only about present needs but about future needs.

One-Story Living

You might want to consider, even now, rearranging your living quarters so that you have bathrooms and bedrooms on the ground floor. Give a passing thought to a Mother-in-Law apartment or separate bedrooms and bathrooms that could conceivably provide living quarters for a caregiver if the need arises.


retirement homes

A kitchen should be easily set up for wheelchair accessibility. Cabinets that have dead space should have lazy susans in the corners, easy glide hardware, “C” or “D” shaped handles, cabinet fronts that can be removed and counters and shelves that can be adjusted up and down. Stoves should have controls that are in the front and easily reached; sinks should be double-sided with levered faucets and spray attachments. Consider a side-by-side self-defrosting refrigerator, and an easy to use microwave oven with a loud timer and easy to read numerals.


The bathroom is probably the hardest room to remodel. They are usually too small and require considerable thought when planning a makeover. Doors need to be larger and easy to approach if using a chair or walker. You’ll want to install a walk-in or roll-in shower where temperatures can be controlled to prevent scalding. Also consider a flexible shower hose and hand held shower head to make it easier to manage if you have difficulty standing up. We are already seeing “touch-less” sinks with heat sensors in some of the nicer restaurants, or at the very least sinks with levered handles. Toilets need to be higher than average and grab bars should be installed in strategic places. Remember non-skid flooring is a must.

Closets and Storage

We’ve all had boxes and clothing items tumble down on us when trying to reach up to the highest shelf in a closet. Closets need to open easily (none of those sliding doors that are always coming off of the runners) and provide easy access to all of the items inside. Think about good lighting level thresholds and adjustable shelves.

This is just the beginning. In subsequent articles we will look at each room in your house and try to decide what means are available to help find that balance between safety and independence.


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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Jobs Along With Their Descriptions

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

cna jobsIf you are in this page to know details about certified nursing assistant jobs, or for short CNA Jobs, their responsibilities, descriptions, and duties being a CNA you are in the right page. Finding a job that well copes with the economy in spite of the crisis happening with other career are the main and important highlights of this career.

Being a CNA is not as easy as it seems. If you fail to be attentive during your trainings and coaching you might fail in this career as well. What is the meaning of taking an enthusiasm to serve mankind if you don’t have the surplus skills and qualifications within you?

Providing basic health care facilities to the patients

Your work area can be either a hospital, clinic, old age care centers or an administrative center. Your job description depends upon the nature of the work area and work place where you choose to live, although basics are the same. If you’re looking for cna jobs near me, be sure to check local hospitals in your area. Also checkout websites such as indeed.com.

The vital Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs and their duties include:

  • Maintaining of the patients bed
  • Helping them changing their bed covers
  • Providing shower
  • Feeding the patients
  • Changing clothes and maintaining their hygiene
  • Giving them medicines in correct timing
  • Giving guidance for regular exercise if recommended by physician
  • Assist patients in toileting, walking, taking a glass of water, and whatever required

Providing essential health care facilities

cna jobs near me

In contradiction to the above basic caring, there are some other duties as well. They includes

  • Giving injections to the patients
  • Monitoring of vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiration rate, heartbeat, palpations, blood sugar and many more
  • Monitoring of patients height and weight ratio(BMR )
  • Observing input and measuring output from patients urine, stool, blood, sputum, emesis etc
  • Observing the rate of recovery within a patient

Dealing with relatives

No one in this world is born with same set of characters and same level of thinking. The hospital place is always filled with crowded disabled ones and their relatives. And you cannot simply predict the mood of varieties of peoples there. Dealing with such huge number of crowd is almost impossible without proper education and inter personal skills.  The talents you achieve during your CNA classes will help you in long run.

Acting as a mediator between nurse and patients

In a career of Certified Nursing Assistant, you are called as the front line representative of the patients. You are the one who maintains each and every records and activities of a patient and shows it same to a nurse or a doctor. A CNA should keep daily records of every individual patient in a hospital or clinic.

The record keeping includes:

  • What are the body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiration rate, heartbeat, palpations and blood sugar level of a patient?
  • Is there any fluctuation within the data?
  • When was the medicine given to him/her?
  • Is the patient facing any problem in eating foods, breathing, toileting, visualizing, walking, etc?

The nurse and doctors will then take action and follow treatment on the basic of the report.

Maintaining health care equipments

cna jobs hiring near me

A nursing assistant is the not only one who take care of patients. They take care of health care equipments as well.

Controlling infections

Hospitals and clinics are the favorite place for viruses, bacteria, fungus and other harmful disease transmitting parasites. The surrounding should be cleaned from time to time. The job of a CNA includes cleaning hospital and clinics surroundings as well.

And also the CNA’s are in direct contact with patients they should know measures of protecting themselves from transmitting and harmful diseases within themselves.

A morale booster to needy ones

An in-dispensary part of being a CNA also accounts being soft and elegant to people who are in vain. A CNA can do a lot in comforting a patient and making him/her realizing that everything is going to be fine. This will definitely help a lot in quick recovery of a patient. He/she will develop self confidence and power within themselves to fight with the disease.

See how important the responsibility of a CNA accounts? You can develop correct aptitude, the right stuff, command, fineness, expertise and aura with accredited CNA schools and classes either online or offline. Consistency, Nobleness and Affirmation are the key requirements to be a CNA.


Senior Independent Living

Consider Senior Independent Living

There really is no place like home. When asked about their preference for housing, most seniors answer, “What l would really like to do is to stay right here.” The person’s own home represents security and independence to most Americans.

Most housing, however, is designed for young. active and mobile people. To live at home, a person must, at the very least, have access to transportation, go shopping, cook. and do household chores. Many of us will lose one or more of these abilities as we grow older.

Nursing HomesOne option is to purchase in home services, to cope with declining abilities. For a fee, an army of workers will appear to cut your grass, wash your windows, cook your meals, do the shopping, and even provide personal care and/or refer your to local memory care facilities. This may be the option for you, depending on the amount of help you need. However, this can be expensive and will require a lot of management and coordination.

For people willing to relocate, there are plenty of options, although there may be some confusion about what all the terms mean. You may hear about “board and care homes,” “personal care homes,” “life care” and “continuing care retirement facilities.” All refer ‘to some type of “assisted living” or service-oriented housing. Alternatively you can consider respite care which is a flexible way to get short or long-term help.

Housing With Services for Seniors

As we age, we want to focus more on activities we enjoy than on the trivial ones. If you feel this way and you’re looking for an environment that will let you focus on the activities and people you enjoy, than housing with services is the place for you. It provides a home in which your medical as well as general clean needs are managed for you.

Housing with Services Include:

  • Assisted Living
  • Board & Care
  • CCRC

Senior Residential Health Care

There are several types of residential care options available in most senior living communities. However, the names used to refer to each type may vary from state to state. In addition, some types will be licensed and required to follow set regulations. It is important to remember that not all settings within any category will be appropriate for people with dementia, or may not be able to provide care throughout the progression of the disease. Therefore, consider how long a setting will be appropriate and when another move may be required. Keep in mind, that moving a person with dementia into a new environment can cause increased agitation and confusion.

Choosing a Nursing Home

Convalescent HomeFor many caregivers, there comes a point when they are no longer able to take care of their loved one at home. Choosing a residential care facility — a nursing home or an assisted living facility — is a big decision, and it can be hard to know where to start. Websites like seniorliving.com could aid in your selection process.

  • Gather  information about services and options before the need actually arises. This gives you time to explore fully all the possibilities before making a decision.
  • Determine what facilities are in your area. Doctors, friends and relatives, hospital social workers, and religious organizations may be able to help you identify specific facilities.
  • Make a list of questions you would like to ask the staff. Think about what is important to you, such as activity programs, transportation, or special units for people with AD.
  • Contact the places that interest you and make an appointment to visit. Talk to the administration, nursing staff, and residents.
  • Observe the way the facility runs and how residents are treated. You may want to drop by again unannounced to see if your impressions are the same.
  • Find out what kinds of programs and services are offered for people with AD and their families. Ask about staff training in dementia care, and check to see what the policy is about family participation in planning patient care.
  • Check on room availability, cost and method of payment, and participation in Medicare or Medicaid. You may want to place your name on a waiting list even if you are not ready to make an immediate decision about long-term care.
  • Once you have made a decision, be sure you understand the terms of the contract and financial agreement. You may want to have a lawyer review the documents with you before signing.
  • Moving is a big change for both the person with AD and the caregiver. A social worker may be able to help you plan for and adjust to the move. It is important to have support during this difficult transition.


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Senior Care and Special Diets for The Elderly

When Janette Miller, from San Diego County, could no longer feed herself properly, she moved to an elderly home under the PACE Program. Short for Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly. Today, she can enjoy three meals a day served to her and about thirty other people in their home-like communal dining room.

To qualify for the PACE Program, a person must be age 55 or over, live in a PACE service area, and be certified by the state to need a nursing home level care.

PACE ProgramThe typical PACE participant is similar to the average nursing home resident. The typical participant is an 55+ year old individual with several medical conditions and limitations in three activities of daily living. Nearly 50% (fifty percent) of PACE participants have been diagnosed with dementia. Despite a high level of care needs, more than ninety percent of PACE participants are able to continue to live in their community.

When James of Chula Vista, San Diego County, could no longer feed himself properly, he moved in with his daughter and her family. With her guidance, he ate six times a day, snacking on high-calorie, high-protein foods, and maintaining a near-normal weight.

Living alone in most cases, they often are unable to meet their dietary needs and are forced to make compromises. David didn’t know how to cook. He developed cancer, which made it even more important that he eat a well-balanced diet. Deanne knew how to cook but didn’t take time to prepare adequate meals for herself.

“I would snack is what I’d do,” she said. “I would think about getting a meal and then just have a cup of tea and toast. I knew I wasn’t doing the right thing as far as nutrition was concerned.”

Their eating problems stemmed from loneliness and lack of desire or skill to cook. Other older people may eat poorly for other reasons, ranging from financial difficulties to physical problems.

The solutions can be just as varied, from finding alternative living arrangements to accepting home-delivered meals to using the food label developed by the Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Physical activity also is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What’s the big deal with senior elderly care you might wonder?

Nutrition remains important throughout life. Many chronic diseases that develop late in life, such as osteoporosis, can be influenced by earlier poor habits. Insufficient exercise and calcium intake, especially during adolescence and early adulthood, can significantly increase the risk of osteoporosis, a disease that causes bones to become brittle and crack or break easily.
But good nutrition in the later years still can help lessen the effects of diseases prevalent among older Americans or improve the quality of life in people who have such diseases. They include osteoporosis, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, gastrointestinal problems, and chronic undernutrition. elderly home

Studies show that a good diet in later years helps both in reducing the risk of these diseases and in managing the diseases’ signs and symptoms. This contributes to a higher quality of life, enabling older people to maintain their independence by continuing to perform basic daily activities, such as bathing, dressing and eating. Poor nutrition, on the other hand, can prolong recovery from illnesses, increase the costs and incidence of institutionalization, and lead to a poorer quality of life.

Senior Care and Special Diets

At the same time, many older people, because of chronic medical problems, may require special diets: for example, a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet for heart disease, a low-sodium diet for high blood pressure, or a low-calorie diet for weight reduction. Special diets often require extra effort, but older people may instead settle for foods that are quick and easy to prepare, such as frozen dinners, canned foods, lunch meats, and others that may provide too many calories, or contain too much fat and sodium for their needs.

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Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes for Senior Living

Offering both Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation , St. Paul’s Senior Services, located in San Diego, California is dedicated to providing the highest levels of personal service and a warm, comfortable and actively social environment that will enrich your life. Our approach to care celebrates your unique personality and lifestyle with services designed especially for your needs, so you’ll thrive in an environment of friendship, family and robust support that values and respects your privacy, dignity and independence.

Top Skilled Nursing Facility

We provide 24/7 skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility by qualified nurses with a close contact for you and your loved ones needing short term rehabilitation following a hospital stay. Our interdisciplinary care team consisting of nurses, therapists, dietitians, recreational therapists and social workers to develop a plan of care that addresses skilled nursing care needs and rehabilitation therapy goal necessary for resident to have a safe discharge home or to an alternate care setting we are directed by an experienced administrator whose leadership reflects our steadfast focus on providing the best possible skilled nursing resident care base on the unique needs of the residents.

The Right Level of Assisted Living and Senior Nursing Homes

senior home health careComplete with exquisite residences and expansive views, here you are known, invested in and catered to. At St. Paul’s, we provide the right level of care, including a professionally managed fitness center with on-site therapy services, a licensed nurse and well-trained staff on-site 24/7, innovative, award-winning memory enrichment programs and a vibrant social activity calendar. You’ll enjoy restaurant-style dining and chef-prepared meals with new friends at Josephine’s Kitchen, get pampered in our full-service salon, and schedule complimentary transportation for personal excursions and appointments with our concierge.

Best In Class Senior Living in San Diego County

For more than 60 years, seniors have made St. Paul’s communities throughout the country their own, surrounded by the highest level of support. There are several aspects that separate St. Paul’s from other San Diego independent living communities, but if you ask our residents or their families, they’ll tell you that our range of enrichment programs, high standard of care and service, award-winning memory care program, premier hospitality and our focus on helping residents live an engaging, purposeful life. Explore other St. Paul’s Senior Living San Diego communities.

At St. Paul’s, you’ll find a vibrant atmosphere that values senior living. Gathering areas are purposefully designed to make life more engaging, convenient and social, while a variety of residential floorplans offer comfortable, private retreats in which you can express your individual taste and lifestyle. Even the services we provide are personalized to your unique needs and wishes, and delivered discreetly so that lifestyle always remains at the heart of your experience.

Here, you’ll feel your world grow as you meet new neighbors, get involved and take advantage of the many opportunities we offer to learn, grow and indulge your interests. With a wide range of convenient amenities and activities only steps from your door, life will become more vibrant, and your days will fill with laughter, friendship and an ever-changing calendar of fun and interesting things to do.

Counseling Services

Differences Between a Psychiatrist a Psychologist and a Counselor

People get the differences between a psychiatrist a psychologist and a counselor confused, so here are some of the significant differences. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor, for the most part. Their practices deal essentially with prescribing and then monitoring medications. Family Counseling professionals have a master’s degree in psychology or a related field.

Psychologists have a doctorate in psychology. I’ve had eight years of training in both the assessment and intervention of children and adolescents with a specialty in the emotional, behavioral problems that they present when they come in. You distinguish adolescent therapy from adult therapy in large part on what the developmental differences are what the developmental task is or that age group. And that is, who am I, how do I fit into this world. When parents are debating whether or not to bring their kids in for therapy the first piece of advice that I have for them is to sit down and spend some time talking with their child about what counseling means to them my first phone consultation doesn’t cost anything.

family counseling
Family counseling

And so I want to use that time to really get across what it is that I do, but really more important to get an idea of how the child perceives his or her problems. And what it is he or her once out of treatment what are his or her goals.

I think it’s essential to help adolescents understand who it is that they are and how best to fit in with other people that’s what makes those crazy years from 12 to 19 or 12 to 20 so critical. And so if I can help them get a greater understanding of that developmentally speaking, then I’m doing my job.

Counseling Services

  • Interpersonal and relational concerns
  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Anxiety, trauma, and abuse recovery
  • Grief and loss
  • Marital, premarital, family, and parenting
  • Children, tween, and teen needs
  • Play therapy for children
  • Sand tray therapy for adults and children
  • Separation, divorce, and blended families
  • Addictions (sexual, substance, and others)
  • Support for families of loved ones dealing with substance and other addictive disorders
  • Co-occurring disorders (addictions & mood)
  • Career and ministry
  • Occupational burnout
  • Body image and eating disorders
  • Assessments for recommended care
  • Referral options for higher levels of care

If you or your loved one needs family counseling, or marriage counseling or simply have questions about how the process works, you should get in touch with Seeking Therapy Counseling Services located in San Diego County. We serve the greater South Bay area, along with Chula Vista and all of California.We are here to answer your questions, explain our services, and setup counseling sessions.


Program of All-inclusive Care For the Elderly (PACE)

Proper medical care is crucial to your health. At St.Paul’s program of all-inclusive care for the elderly health center, we provide what you need to stay active, healthy, and alert. At our medical branch, you can have your primary care doctor check-up on your medical needs, but we offer far more in terms of your health and wellbeing.

St. Paul’s PACE Medical Care

In addition to your primary care physician, we offer many specialists who can provide you with expert medical attention in a variety of fields which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Audiologist: Hearing Specialist
  • Dentist: Care of Your Teeth
  • Optometrist: Vision Specialist
  • Podiatrist: Care for Your Feet

In addition, we have a psychologist that visits our PACE health center weekly to provide support and treatment for conditions related to your mental wellbeing. From depression to anxiety and more, we offer what you need to help you when need it the most.

If you need to see a specialist, all appointments are handled through your primary care physician along with being approved by your care team. Our goal is to ensure that you get the best medical treatment and that everyone associated is involved so the best-informed decisions can be made.

You can visit our St.Paul’s PACE Reasner Center in San Diego for your medical needs. The fully trained staff, nurses, and physicians on call are there to help you with the proper treatments. You can also visit our St.Paul’s PACE Akaloa Center in Chula Vista or our St. Paul’s PACE East in El Cajon if they are closer to your location.

Our Services to You

As a participant in our St.Paul’s PACE center, your medications will be properly supervised and prescribed by your primary care physician which greatly reduces the chance of accidents from occurring.

In addition, we provide PACE nursing emergency support 24/7, which means that you can see and speak with a fully-trained nurse who will work with you no matter the time of day. We also provide quick access to your medical records in real time to answer any questions that you might have. It is recommended that your family be contacted in a reasonable amount of time if you are accessing your medical records or have need of our emergency services.

We do advise that you give our PACE San Diego staff at least 24 hours-notice to refill your prescriptions to prevent any unwanted situations from occurring. Our PACE nursing staff will be here to help in answering your questions, so you get the best care possible.

If you need medical assistance, help with your prescriptions, or just have questions to ask our PACE nursing staff, feel free to call or come by our St.Paul’s PACE Reasner Center in San Diego and we’ll provide the answers. You can also visit our St.Paul’s PACE Akaloa Center in Chula Vista or stop by our St.Paul’s PACE East in El Cajon if they are closer and more convenient to where you live.

Who will be my doctor?

You can continue to receive care from your primary care physician if he or she participates in PACE. Or, if you choose, in one of the fully equipped health clinics located right in our PACE day centers. If you need care from a specialist or in a hospital, you can choose from among the hundreds of doctors and hospitals in our provider network. Click here to learn more about program of all-inclusive care for the elderly.

Learning the Factors That Affect Aging

For many, aging is a dreaded fact of life, but unavoidable nonetheless. Countless movies and stories have reflected the fantasy of the fountain of youth that grants eternal youth to those who drink of it, as well as tales of people who have sold their souls to remain young. Even science fiction has tackled the possibility of people being able to “transfer” themselves into clones or even robots just to maintain their youthful appearance and vigor. Without a doubt, aging is really a big deal for a lot of people, if not the whole human race.

But in order to understand and appreciate the aging process, you need to know first the factors that are involved in the aging process. Many scientists and researchers have likened aging to a slow debilitating disease that eventually claims you. Although unlike other sicknesses, aging is an unchangeable fact for every single living thing on the face of the earth.

Hormones and Their Role as You Age

One of the factors that greatly contribute to the aging process is hormones. Hormones refer to the fluids that are secreted by different glands in the body. These fluids, in turn, are the ones that serve as catalysts for the change and development in the human body. Hormones and the fluids and substances they excrete within and outside the body also hold several essential functions that are essential for a human’s existence. It is quite ironic that they hold both the power of life and death.

The body starts aging when the glands that produce these hormones start to weaken and therefore release lesser amounts of hormones into the body. As they are essential to keeping you alive, a lesser amount means a slow deterioration of your life – which is what defines aging as a process. The less hormones you have in your body, the harder it will be for your body to survive, which is thus the gateway to contracting sicknesses and illnesses of all types. Some you’ll live through, the others will kill you eventually. That is the process of life that everyone needs to accept eventually.

How to Combat the Aging Process

Keep in mind that while the aging process is unavoidable for everyone, there are ways to maintain youth and vigor – a slowing of the aging process. For some, the solution lies in artificial methods such as chemical aids in the form of pills and artificial/chemical supplements, as well as the physical alteration of the body or plastic surgery. The price is a bit steep for both – as both take a toll on your health, as well as on your finances.

However, there are many natural ways to maintain your youth and delay the aging process a bit – which will make you look much younger, and be stronger and healthier than your age. One simple way to accomplish this is to take note of what you eat, and consume only generally healthy foods. With the kind of food being sold today, especially in fast food joints and even in some restaurants, you need to make sure that your body is taking in the right about of nutrients – preferably a bit more – than it needs. Another natural method is exercise, which, when used in tandem with a good and healthy diet, can do you wonders.

Farewell To Annoying Wrinkles And Fine Lines

In most cases not so long ago, there is an unspoken sanctity with each confession on wrinkle treatment. But as the age increases, it becomes an accepted fact of life. The mission to find the best wrinkle treatment is difficult, yet it is increasingly becoming a necessity.

What makes this mission simply difficult?

For the past couple of years, numerous products on wrinkle treatment have been released in the market. By the first half of this year, a resounding ten-billion-dollar (and increasing) worth of skin care products have been sold, most of which are anti-aging products. That would signify a very wide range of products with their own set of commercials, models, paraphernalias, and the like. This just makes it very hard to come up with the best anti-wrinkle cream.

Most of us do not have an idea how aging works. So we just storm into department stores and get the first product that crosses our eye – maybe because the model was our favorite, or because it is the most affordable. Perhaps a little knowledge on the causes and mechanism associated with aging would help make the selection job easier.

So how do we get wrinkles?

Our skin is maintained by two kinds of proteins: collagen and elastin. Collagen provides support and stability; it connects the skin to the tissues. It is made up of strong fibers; it is therefore responsible for the firm skin in the young. As a result, it is considered a cosmetic protein as well. However, aging takes its toll on collagen production. The collagen begins to degenerate, and there is lesser collagen production compared to before. The skin then becomes less firm, and then sags. Collagen cannot be applied on the skin, which makes topical collagen treatments a complete fallacy. This is because the protein is too large to penetrate the skin barrier. That is why the best option is to stimulate production of collagen through specific substances. This would then help the body produce additional collagen and in the process regain a youthful appearance.

Another important protein is elastin, which is responsible for your skin’s elasticity and flexibility. It gives your skin its shape and makes your skin supple. Similar to collagen, elastin degenerates as age increases. And like collagen, it cannot traverse the skin barrier, so topical applications are still ineffective in this regard. That is why wrinkle treatments are created – to provide solutions to this problem on decreased collagen and elastin production.

Now knowing the two proteins responsible for a youthful appearance, selection of the best anti-wrinkle treatment should be a lot easier. Upon purchasing a product, be sure to take time to look upon the list of ingredients and make sure you are targeting the right proteins. The key to rejuvenation is now reachable; it is just up to you how to find it. It is also advisable to try first samples before proceeding with a purchase, to ensure that the product is well-suited for your skin type. You can look for a wrinkle treatment with highly efficient ingredients such as Edelweis Extract, DMAE and Dermox SRC, which target collagen and elastin production itself.

How To Reduce Wrinkles Naturally

As we grow older gradually, our muscle starts to waste away, our bone density deteriorates and usually, the first symptom of age catching up on us is the appearance of fine skin wrinkles on of all places, the most noticeable parts of our body, our face, neck, and hands. This is the time when we look into the mirror to see the truth that we are getting older and older by the day. Some of us will take determined effort to combat the ravages of aging where others will resign it to fate.

While wind, heat, exposures to chemicals plus the natural effects of aging will cause a certain amount of wrinkling in everyone, the wrinkled appearance is much worse in people who spend a lot of time under the sun.

Years of exposures to the sun not only cause wrinkles but also freckles, rough skin, pigmentation, dark spots, and visible blood vessels.

This is commonly referred to as “photoaging,” Skin ages all over the body, but much more so where there has been regular sun exposure.

You see, as a person ages, the sweat and oil glands of the skin become less numerous and are also smaller. These effects cause the skin to lose its natural moisture weakening the fibers and elasticity thus begins to sag in places where the collagen, the elastic fibers that support the skin, has weakened such as skin around the eyelids, jaw, and neck.

Wrinkles can be divided into two categories as in fine surface lines and deep trough furrows. Over the counter wrinkle, beauty treatments like Dermapen Microneedling can generally be more or less diminish or reduce fine lines effectively. However deeper grooves may require more drastic techniques to get rid of them such as plastic surgery.

Of course, since wrinkles are not hazardous to health, they do not need to be treated unless you wish to usually for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons.

Wrinkles may also be treated by a number of ways such as an application of topical creams and ointments, retinoic acid, tretinoin or alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs), which peel off top layers of skin. Chemical peels can also remove wrinkled layers of the skin such as the application of lactic, glycolic, or salicylic acids.

Dermabrasion is a procedure that sort of sands away the top layers of skin.

Very popular now at the time of writing this article is the injection of substances such as fat or collagen or botox and fillers. Laser surgery can also be used to remove layers of skin especially for wrinkles around the eyes.

For people who want more aggressive treatments, the person’s age can help to determine which procedure is most suitable. For people in their thirties, a simple chemical peel will be sufficient. Folks after the age 40 may benefit from Botox or filler jabs. If you are 50 years old or more, cosmetic plastic surgeons may recommend laser resurfacing and customized treatments for your individual requirements.

Unknown to many people, we can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by doing some facial exercises regularly.

Another way to reduce your wrinkles naturally and make you feel and look much younger is to boost your body’s natural production of human growth hormones (HGH). This is because human growth hormones are needed to repair our aging cells and tissues and human growth hormone level in our bodies dip lower and lower as we get older. So it may be a good idea to supplement with HGH boosters which help you to produce more growth hormones naturally.

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Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, so there is nothing wrong about openly discussing which product outstand the rest. There is also nothing wrong in recommending specific brands. But the real pressing question is: do you know how to decide on the best?

To decide on the best is to decide on the content of the product. It is like going through the ingredients of a soup before cooking it. A meal is never a meal without the ingredients. You cannot decide if a meal is nutritious if you do not know the components. The same is true with skin care products: you can’t say it is safe, you can’t say if it’s advisable, and you can’t decide if it’s the best without taking a meticulous look at its ingredients. This is where you decide whether the brand names really matter. Personally, I don’t think they do.

Anti-aging creams are usually composed of the following products said to guarantee antioxidant activity: Haloxyl, Eyeliss, manuka honey, avocado extract, shea butter, coenzyme Q10, the protein keratin, and wakame kelp extracts. These ingredients commonly constitute the list of active and effective components. Recent researches have also linked the participation of hyaluronic acid in the process of aging. The skin’s level of natural antioxidants decreases with age, and so does hyaluronic acid. Along with it also comes a significant decrease in cell growth and fiber production. To come up with a truly effective cream, a company must target all issues pertaining to the development of wrinkles. This includes addressing the issues on cell degeneration, decreased collagen and elastin production, as well as decreased vascular strength.

Capillaries beneath the eyes are susceptible to leakage. Aging promotes decreased integrity of these blood vessels, which result to leaking out of blood into the thin skin underneath the eyes. This is responsible for the bluish tinge noticed in dark circles. Grape seed oils and extracts are said to be effective in treating cases such as this, but as accumulation sets in, a greater degree of help has to be sought.

If an effective eye wrinkle cream has to be produced, a company would have to include Haloxyl and Eyeliss, ingredients that are proven and tested to reduce eye bags and dark circles under the eyes. Other companies recently combined Coenzyme Q10 in order to counteract damage from the sun. Avocado extracts, the coenzyme Q10 as well as the protein keratin are shown to stimulate cell regeneration, the production of new collagen as well as elastin fibers. This will induce thickening of the skin in the delicate area around the eyes. Wakame kelp, another ingredient, has been proven to boost the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid levels through inhibiting hyaluronidase, the enzyme responsible for the splitting of hyaluronic acid. This results to a smoother and tighter skin.

So this is the list of ingredients with their corresponding function. I hope that by now you already have sufficient ideas on how to select the best under eye cream.

Anti Aging Skin Product Ingredients You Must Consider

When you have anti-aging skin products there are many different ingredients that are put together to produce a very effective concoction. There are thousands of different ingredients (too many to list in one article) but just a handful of categories. Below are listed some of the categories you must know about before you make any purchases.

Here are some of those very important categories:

Dyes. These cosmetics have no functional purpose in anti-aging skin products. They give the product an appealing color and are used for their aesthetic value.

Emollients. Cosmetics that give the product slip and slide. They’re present in most skin care products. They prevent moisture in the skin from evaporating and can help prevent skin from becoming dry. Emollients include silicone, mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter. Tocopherol, also known as vitamin E, can be used both as an emollient and as an antioxidant, which is a cosmeceutical.

Emulsifiers. Emulsifiers are anti-aging skin products used to put oil into solution, so emulsifiers are included in skin care products that have both water-based ingredients and oil-based ingredients. Cleansers often contain emulsifiers that are detergents or surfactants, such as sodium laurel sulfate or polysorbate 20, which give a foaming action to the product that helps “capture” oils and remove them from the skin. Bar soap is an emulsifier, as are lotion cleansers.

Enzymes. Usually derived from plants, such as papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin, these anti aging skin products are used as exfoliants and are considered to be cosmeceuticals. They “digest” the dead skin cells and waste products from the surface of the skin.

Fragrance. A cosmetic used to mask the odor of a skin care product. Designer fragrances are often included in the European skin care products as part of a signature fragrance line. Most cosmetic and anti-aging skin products label simply list “fragrance” in the ingredient list as fragrance and don’t give details and specifics.

Being An Informed Consumer

Manufacturers face numerous obstacles when trying to develop skin care products that use vitamins and other nutrients to improve the skin. Here are some of the questions cosmetic chemists have to tackle:

Does it penetrate the skin? Many potentially nourishing substances cannot penetrate the stratum corneum, which, after all, was created as a barrier to keep out foreign substances. Penetration enhancers can remedy this to some extent, but delivering active ingredients to the deeper levels of the skin is still an issue.

Does it work in topical form?

Just because a vitamin or antioxidant exerts benefits when ingested, it won’t necessarily have the same effects when it is applied directly to the skin. We still know precious little about the biological mechanism by which nutrient substances might exert topical effects.

Is the active ingredient present in the right potency and is it sufficiently bioavailable? Too little is useless, and too much could be harmful. In addition, many nutrient agents are unstable and may lose their potency over time or when combined with other ingredients. A product that was effective when it left the manufacturer might have lost its potency by the time it reaches your bathroom shelf.

An Understanding of Anti-Aging Skin Care

We live in a society wherein the physical appearance matters most. It is for this reason that anti-aging skin care is a major concern of the women and time and again, several products are getting its way into the mainstream of those being sold in the market. Women, in general, want to look their best and in their effort of trying to always look their best, they search for ways on how to maintain a smooth and wrinkle-free skin.

Wrinkles, crow’s feet, and the likes are among the main signs of aging and women don’t like to entertain the thoughts of having skin flaws. They actually dread it. Well, since aging is part of one’s life, it can never be avoided. One really has to go through such ordeal. However, with the advancement of today’s technology, such skin flaws may now be prevented. Anti-aging skin care is facilitated through the series of skin treatments and the products that are specifically designed to protect the skin against the early signs of aging.

The use of the anti-aging skin care products has somewhat become a trend. In fact, clinical researches and studies also reveal the connection that exists between balanced diet and use of anti-aging products in fighting off these visible effects.

In fact, the skin experts agree at one point and that is, the damage done to the skin is oftentimes caused by the exposure to the harmful chemicals, environmental causes, natural aging, and the toxins but can be reversed with the use of the notable anti-aging skin care products. Hence, modern technology aids in the appropriate skin care.

How to Attain a Younger-Looking Skin

Here are the steps to anti-aging skin care. Take note of them and be guided towards your skin care process.

Eating right. Yes, the right kind of food should be included in your diet. This is one of the most natural solutions that can help reverse the effect of skin aging.

Doing daily exercise. Conditioning your body will make your skin healthier. It will encourage proper blood circulation which means healthier skin as well.

Leading a healthy lifestyle. If you make it a habit to live healthily which means you don’t smoke or drink, then, you can be assured that your anti-aging skin care regimen will work.

Making use of anti-aging skin care products. These are the little help that you can turn to if all you care about is maintaining a healthy glowing skin.

Popular and Useful Anti-Aging Skin Products

Anti-aging moisturizers. They keep the skin hydrated and lessen the visible fine lines, sun spots, and wrinkles. Therefore, using these products brings back the skin’s youthful glow.

Anti-aging sunscreens. If you are oftentimes exposed to the heat of the sun, you need to protect your skin by using this product.

Antioxidants. Those that come from the fruits and vitamins contain the antioxidants that help repair skin cells and bind those free radicals that oftentimes cause the skin aging.

Anti-wrinkle creams. They help eliminate the wrinkles and prevent untimely skin aging.

There are a variety of anti-aging skin care products and methods that you can bank on. You just need to find the right ones to suit your skin type and needs.

Staying Young the Natural Way

Aging is a normal process that everyone experiences. Especially when it comes to looks, many people would rather they maintain a youthful appearance for as long as possible. This is why at parties and social gatherings, it is polite to tell someone that you haven’t seen for a while that they look young – or at least younger than their actual age. For the longest time, many people have made it their mission to find out the secret to staying young and maintaining their youthful looks.

The Artificial Way

While there are many products available on the market today that claim to address the issue of aging, many have chemical components that might do you harm, especially in the long run. There is also the danger of developing a psychological dependence for this kind of treatments even though the actual benefits may be minimal or non-existent. There is also a path where people take the surgical route, where they subject themselves to operations of all kinds just to stay young and look young. But operations can only do so much, and there is a limit to having these kinds of operations before they take a negative toll on your health, especially after a long period of time. There have also been incidents of botched operations where the patient ended up much worse than he or she started out – what began as a quest to look younger and more beautiful became a nightmare, both mentally and physically.

Going Natural is the Best

This is why going the natural route to maintaining your youthful vigor and looks is the best way to staying young and looking young. As they say, prevention is the best cure, which, while a saying well used and trite, is still the guaranteed way to stay young. Here are a few pointers on achieving the proverbial fountain of youth:

1. Watch what kind of foods you eat.
The kind of diet you have has a very large effect on your well being. Needless to say, you need to have a healthy diet to maintain your youthful appearance. A healthy diet improves your overall bodily condition, which is why you’ll always look good. You don’t need to have any special or fixed diet, you just need to balance everything out, and avoid the obvious pitfalls like too much sweets or junk and processed foods. The same goes for fatty and oily foods.

2. Exercise as much as you can.
Exercise is another factor in maintaining that youthful glow. The more you continue to use your muscles, the more developed they will be. In the same way, the less you use them, the more they will degenerate and eventually give up on you. Like with the diet, you don’t really need to stick to a fixed regimen, you just need to keep an active lifestyle so that all the muscles and joints in your body get to move around once in a while. This is also advantageous to your health, making you look fit and healthy, not to mention sexy too.

3 Simple Solutions to Fine Lines on the Forehead

For fine lines on forehead and other areas of the face, there are some things that you can and should do. Not only are these things good for your appearance, they are good for your skin’s health.

In some cases, they are good for the health of your whole body. Here’s a look at what researchers are suggesting for wrinkle removal and general anti-aging.

Sun Protection

Although small amounts of sunlight are necessary for the body to produce vitamin D, the idea of a “healthy” tan, which some people still adhere to, contributes to premature aging. Scientists refer to it as photo-aging. It is not caused by the light, per se, but by free radicals.

Free radicals, which are naturally present in the cells of the body, are highly reactive. Various stimulants cause them to behave erratically. They bounce around within the cell, taking electrons from cellular membranes and DNA strands. Those that are present in the area surrounding the elastic fibers can cause the fiber’s degradation. That leads to sagging, which plays a role in fine lines on forehead and other areas of the face.

Staying out of the sun, wearing protective clothing or using an effective sun-block (zinc oxide is the best) can help you look years younger, after only a few months.

Fish and Fish Oils

Fish contains protein, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oils help to insure that you get enough omega-3 fatty acids every day, without eating a lot of fish.

Protein is used by the body to build new cells and elastic fibers. Antioxidants prevent and repair damage done by free radicals, by donating their own electrons. Omega-3 fatty acids are a component of the skin’s natural moisturizers, which we call sebum.

Taking a daily fish oil supplement may reduce fine lines on forehead and other areas. Research shows that three months of supplementation improves the skin’s firmness by about 10%. Firmer skin is less wrinkled.

Take Antioxidants and Apply Them Directly

Of course, you can’t grind up your vitamin C tablets and rub that all over your face, but there are some wonderful creams that contain antioxidants like coenzyme Q10 and natural vitamin E. In clinical trials antioxidant-rich creams have been shown to reduce wrinkling, repair sun damage and improve the skin’s moisture content. So, obviously, they can help you get rid of fine lines on forehead, tiny crow’s feet around the eyes and laugh lines.

Wisdom comes with age. There’s no doubt about that. But, wrinkles don’t necessarily have to. If you look at any group of people, you will see that some age very “gracefully” while others look years older than their peers. Most of us would prefer to be in the “ages gracefully” group.

We are lucky to live in this day and time. Science basically allows us to choose what we want to look like. We don’t have to deal with wrinkles and fine lines on forehead or anywhere else. By following the advice in this article, you should start to see a younger looking you in no time.

3 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Forehead Lines

If you want to know how to get rid of forehead lines, the information in this article is where to start. Before you consider a visit to the cosmetic surgeon, try some of these simple tactics. You might see the results that you want, without paying a fortune or risking unwanted side effects.

Limit UV Exposure

UV rays from the sunlight cause a number of health problems and lead to an aged appearance. Cataracts and skin cancer are the major health problems that are caused by UV radiation. It is best to limit your UV exposure to no more than 10-15 minutes per day, but even that can lead to photo-aging. It’s good to know that the latest research indicates improving one’s antioxidant intake can help prevent health problems and delay the signs of aging, too.

You see. Antioxidants prevent and repair free radical damage, which is what UV exposure causes. Most people are familiar with common antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E. They might help you get rid of forehead lines, but there’s a lot more than you can do.

Avoid Smoke and other Environmental Toxins

In the same way that UV radiation causes increased free radical damage, so do cigarette smoke, air pollution, and other environmental toxins. You can’t always avoid air pollution, but you should be able to avoid smoky environments and if you smoke, you should quit.

The experts say that if you quit today, you could look a couple of years younger after a few months. Will quitting smoking help you get rid of forehead lines. It might, the skin is one of the body’s organs that is constantly rejuvenating. If you take care of it and give it the nutrients that it needs, it can repair practically any damage that you do.

Use Nutrient-rich Creams

Nutrient-rich creams give the skin’s reparative processes that support that they need. Some of the best anti-aging creams are more like nutritional supplements than cosmetics. They contain ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and other nutrients, such as grape seed oil, wakame kelp, passion fruit, avocado, olive, and palm oil.

Specific nutrients have been isolated and properly formulated so that they can penetrate deeply; preventing and repairing free radical damage. Coenzyme Q10 is one of those nutrients. Studies indicate that it can help you get rid of forehead lines in a matter of weeks.

The protein keratin is another beneficial nutrient. It has been shown to improve the skin’s firmness and moisture content while stimulating the production of new cells and fibers. People are saying that if there is anything that could be considered an anti-aging miracle, the active form of the protein keratin is it.

But, the better manufacturers include both coenzyme Q10 and the protein keratin in their anti-aging creams. I have used creams containing those ingredients myself in order to get rid of forehead lines and I have been very pleased with the results. I am sure that you will be, too.

How Effective is Profractional for Acne Scarring Removal?

Are you considering ProFractional laser treatment for acne scar removal but want to know how effective it really is?

Profractional is increasingly popular for treating acne scarred and age-damaged skin. It’s targeted, doesn’t affect surrounding tissue and is totally non-invasive.

But how does it work and what kind of results can you expect?

How does it work?

ProFractional laser treatment works by targeting specific areas of the skin and creating microscopic tunnels in scarred tissue. The holes trigger natural healing reactions in the skin while avoiding damage to surrounding tissue.

Unlike fractional treatments, ProFractional removes the hot, dead tissue from the minute tunnels, resulting in a faster-healing, much more comfortable procedure.

Why is it good for acne scars?

Though ProFractional is used for a range of skin treatments (from wrinkles to sun-damage) it’s particularly useful for acne scarring because it’s:

* Targeted – it won’t affect surrounding tissue
* Non-invasive – no surgical procedures are involved
* Fast – in most cases the procedure lasts no more than 30 minutes
* Safe – there are very few risks and side-effects are minimal
* Fast recovering – most people will experience only a few days of slight redness
* Painless – no anaesthetic required

What results can I expect?

Results do vary from person to person (and depending on the severity of your acne scarring). However, the majority of users can expect to see significant visual improvements after a few months. This is to allow time for your skin’s natural regeneration to take place, with collagen and elastin healing damaged tissue.

Most people with light scarring report that after this period, not only is the appearance of scars reduced, but their skin looks fresher and brighter.

How many treatments will I need?

Again, the number of treatments you’ll require depends on your skin type and the extent of your scarring. Different people also heal faster or slower than others. However, in general, most people will respond to 2-4 sessions spread out a month apart.

There must be some drawbacks?

As with nearly any procedure, most people will experience some side effects. However, in nearly all cases with ProFractional, these are very mild. Your recovery time and side-effects will also depend on the extent of your scarring and your skin type.

The most common symptoms are slight swelling, a feeling of tightness, or redness. Some people have likened the sensation to mild sunburn. In the majority of cases, these side effects disappear after a few days.

There is a very slight risk of infection after treatment, but this is very rare – particularly if you go to a reputable clinic. Your doctor or specialist can recommend acne skin care lotions and balms that will help soothe your skin.

I have very deep scarring – is ProFractional right for me?

If you have very deep or extensive acne scarring then ProFractional might not be your ideal treatment (although it will likely have some positive affect on your appearance). Consult with your doctor or skin specialist for a more appropriate acne treatment procedure.

Where should I go for ProFractional treatment?

It’s crucially important to go to an experienced clinic that is registered with the appropriate healthcare authorities (in the UK, that’s the Care Quality Commission). While ProFractional laser treatment is very safe in the right hands, it requires skilled clinicians to operate the powerful lasers.

Tanzanite: A Rare, Lovely And Unique Gemstone

The beautiful and unique gemstone, tanzanite has a fascinating history. Read all about it and trace the origins of this rare gemstone.

What is tanzanite?

Unique. Rare. Beautiful. Blue. These are all words that can be used to describe the gemstone tanzanite. So, what exactly is it? This gemstone is made up of calcium aluminium silicate and is actually a member of the zoisite family of gemstones. But, because of its rarity and sheer beauty, it gets its own category.

Ages ago, metamorphic rock began forming a flat-topped hill at the base of Kilimanjaro. It formed inside this hill and the gemstone world has never been the same again. The local people as well as the jewelry industry fell in love with the shades of blue and purple found in them.

Where does it come from?

Unfortunately, there is only one location where this tantalizing gemstone can be found. Mine deposits are located at the base of Kilimanjaro in the Merelani Hills of Tanzania.

As a result, they are quite rare, particularly large stones and stones of exceptional quality. If you can get your hands on a natural stone, dont hesitate to snatch it up. You will pay for it, but it will be worth it to have this rare gem.

Birthstone for December

This rarely happens, but in 2002 the American Gem Trade Association named it as an official birthstone for December. If you are lucky enough to receive a tanzanite ring for your birthday, take good care of it. The rarity of this stone makes it a great heirloom.

If your 24th wedding anniversary is coming up, drop some hints for a tanzanite and diamond ring. Just like birthstones, anniversaries have special gemstones attached to them. For the 24th, its this unique gemstone.

How to care for your gemstone jewelry

This gemstone is more delicate than other popular stones like the ruby or topaz. It rates a 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means it is fairly soft. An opal rates a 5.

So, never place tanzanite necklaces or other pieces in an ultrasonic cleaner or use harsh chemicals to clean them. Warm water and gentle soap will get the job done. Soak it and then polish it with a soft cloth.

The history and lore

The discovery of this stone occurred in 1967. A Maasai tribesman noticed a twinkling on top of a low flat hill at the base of Kilimanjaro. New York jewelers, Tiffany

family counseling

Lines on My Forehead – Helpful Tips

When I started to see lines on my forehead, I can’t say that I was surprised. My mother had them. I have her same high forehead and cheekbones. So, I assumed I was stuck with her wrinkles, too.

Lucky for me, I live in a day and age where technological advancements are curing terrible diseases. That same technology is slowly, but surely trickling down into the cosmetic industry.

There haven’t been hundreds of studies, as there have been concerning cancer and other life-threatening diseases. But, enough clinical trials have been completed to convince me and most other experts. We might not be able to actually turn back the clock, but we can look years younger, without painful injections or other unproven treatments.

I am, by nature, a skeptic. So, all of the suggestions in this article have supportive evidence from scientific researchers. None of the suggestions are, in any way, a risk to your health. In fact, they are actually good for you. So, why not give them a try. After just a few weeks, I saw the lines on my forehead start to fade.

Of course, not everyone will see the results that I’ve seen. I was not a big fish eater. I did make it a point to take a daily multi-vitamin, but, as it turns out, the supplement that I took for most of my life was not of the best quality. In case you’re wondering what fish and multi-vitamins have to do with wrinkles, let me explain.

Fish is a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Protein is the primary component of the skin’s cells and fibers. It’s also the primary component of muscles, just in case you were trying to get in shape. Without adequate protein intake, your body cannot perform the regenerative processes need to replace lost and damaged cells and fibers. So, part of how I got rid of lines on my forehead was to increase my protein intake.

Fatty fish is recommended because the omega-3s they provide have been shown to improve the skin’s firmness by 10% or more over the course of three months. Other vitamins, primarily the antioxidant ones, prevent and repair damage done by free radicals. You may have heard of them. They contribute to age-related diseases of all kinds, cause cancer and are one of the root causes of wrinkles.

Increasing my nutritional intake was only part of what I did to get rid of lines on my forehead. I noticed the biggest difference after I started using antioxidant rich creams. The ingredients that the research says to look for include coenzyme Q10, wakame kelp extracts, the protein keratin and plant-based oils like grape seed, avocado and Shea butter.

According to the manufacturers and to the independent researchers, those ingredients stimulate the production of new cells, increase the skin’s collagen content and repair free radical damage. I can’t see those things, because you need a microscope, but I can see that there are fewer lines on my forehead, which is all that I really wanted.

Cosmetic Eyebrow tattoo – A Permanent Way to deal with Thin Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most prominent features on the face. Everyone wants to have their eyebrows with perfect thickness and shape and mostly suits the face. They often spend a lot of time and energy in front of the mirror for perfectly styled, natural looking eyebrows. There is an alternative to this everyday routine and also a permanent way to deal with it, which is known as cosmetic eyebrow tattoos.

Getting a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo is very similar to getting any other tattoos.

There are mainly two different methods which a tattoo artist uses to draw on the skin. One method involves the use of a tattoo gun. This tool uses non-toxic and bio-friendly ink so it is unnecessary to worry about getting poisoned. One big advantage of using this method is speed. Artists working with a gun can get things drawn a lot faster. But, unfortunately, sometimes this leads to a lack of detail in the eyebrow. So if you want a fine look to your brow, you probably want to talk to artist that draws tattoos by hand. This method involves the use of a tattoo makeup pen and tattoo makeup pigment. There is a tiny needle in the pen which can do a help for intricate details. It’s slower but is generally better.

Though cosmetic eyebrow tattoos are becoming more and more common, they are not for everyone. Also Different people get this procedure done for different reasons. There are four reasons for getting cosmetic eyebrow tattoos: (1) People who have thin eyebrows inborn or those who have over plucked their eyebrows. (2) Those who have gaps and scars in place of their eyebrows. (3) People suffering from diseases or accident which lead to loss of all hair. (4)Those who want to give a definite shape to their eyebrows. Getting permanent cosmetic eyebrow tattoos can reduce these gaps and definitely beautifies the face, correct the inconsistency in between the eyebrows to give a smart look to the overall face, thicken and darken the eyebrows thus enhancing the overall look of the face and be a good way for reshaping and redefining the eyebrows.

Unique Makeup cosmetic mirrors for Lady

Most ladies are a touch of compulsiveness in checking for food in their teeth or how their makeup looks. There is a common scene: the guy has forgotten for many times to tell you that there is a piece of arugula from your salad is parked in between your two front teeth when you are out to dinner with, maybe, your boss. There is no other better way to check, unless going to the bathroom. But by the time you have excused you and smiled from ear to ear to excuse you, everyone at the table has seen this piece of food before you go to the bathroom. This is why so many ladies carry mirror.

Many bags come with mirrors, along with many evening bags, but if yours does not, you should always carry a mirror with you. And when you are dressed to the nines head to toe, do not carry a little plastic mirror with you. It is advised you add a stunning elegant mirror, also be unique and shining, so when anyone sees you using it they will be distracted by its beauty. So this time, mirror is not only a tool for checking your appearance, but also jewelry, like the necklace or ear rings, can add charm to you. But not any compact makeup mirror can be this role, common things are to some extent useless, only those with elegant design, fine workmanship and eye attraction can be best choice. For example, Compact make up mirror with blue swan lake or with many crystals studded outside.

By the way, compact mirrors are great gifts for both men and women at a wedding reception although most couples try to gift them only to their female attendees. Choose one of these excellent wedding reception favors for your special day so that your guests keep your wedding in mind all the time as every time they see the gift, they will be reminded of all the scenes. Also, it is a good present idea to send a compact makeup mirror to your girl friend also female friends as Valentine’s Day or Christmas gift, such as a heart – shaped makeup mirror.

How to Remove Ingrown Hair?

When you see ingrown hairs developing sideways below your skin, your first instinct may be to grab your tweezers and poke them out. Many of us have experienced scabs or scars because of doing this. Sometimes the ingrown hairs create an infection below your skin which is even worse.

Ingrowing hairs originates when hairs endeavor to grow but do not get through your surface of your skin. Instead they grow sideways along or under your skin, or even turn in reverse and grow into your skin. Sometimes ingrowing hairs occur together with folliculitis, an infection of the follicle.

This vexing problem that the majority of us have encountered and many have to deal with on a daily or weekly basis can be solved with laser hair removal, the newest and probably the most successful answer to the problem of ingrown hairs.

The Ultimate Solution: Laser Removal

Unlike the old solutions, laser hair removal goes directly to the root of your problem, literally! In laser removal, special lasers seek out the follicle below your skin and kill it off to prevent any future regrowth from that follicle. Unlike electrolysis, which used to be considered the only way to permanently prevent growth, laser hair removal not only has a permanent impact but also can be utilized to quickly treat large parts of your body and not the individual hairs at a time that generally characterizes electrolysis removal.

Causes of Ingrown Hair

Whether you utilize shaving, waxing or one of the other methods of freeing yourself of unwanted body and facial hairs, you would be in a very small minority if you did not suffer from ingrown hair at one time or another. In actual fact this issue can even occur on skin which you havent waxed, tweezed or shaved at all, although it occurs more frequently on waxed or shaved skin.

Epilating Machines

The use of mechanical epilators is a big culprit in terms of ingrown hair as the hairs are torn out of their roots at odd angles. It is common for your follicle or root to become twisted or deformed, and ingrown hairs can then proliferate in a short space of time.

The Traditional Ways to Tackle Ingrown Hairs

The normal ways of tackling this unpleasant problem are exfoliation and getting out the affected hairs one by one with tweezers. Neither of these solutions solve the cause of the problem and are at best a temporary solution and at worst can result in horrible scars and scabbing.

Your Skin and Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal promises to provide the ultimate solution to ingrown hair, so if you have had enough of this problem and want a real answer, you owe it to yourself and your skin to investigate laser hair removal as a solution to ingrown hair.

The Ruby: Fire in a Gemstone

Passion, heat, and love. These words capture the essence of the ruby. This gemstone is one of the four classic precious gems – emerald, sapphire, and diamond being the other three – and possibly the most coveted. Sure diamonds are a girl’s best friend but put on a blood-red ruby tennis bracelet and you will sizzle.

Origin and make-up

Like the sapphire, this gemstone is corundum, a crystallized aluminum oxide formed under heat and pressure. In fact, it is exactly like the sapphire and the only colored corundum that is not called a sapphire. The chrome particles are what give it its delicious red color.

India was once the biggest supplier of the gemstones, but now Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has taken the lead in fine quality stones. You have probably heard of the wildly popular Burmese ruby because of its deep rich color. They are found throughout Asia including Pakistan, Nepal and Vietnam. More recently, they were discovered in Kenya and Tanzania in the 60s.

More than a birthstone

It is the birthstone for July, but July is not the only time important to this vibrant red gemstone. Valentines Day is a very big day for the rich red gem. A heart-shaped ruby pendant, red roses, and chocolates- a triple score on the romantic gifts scale.

For enthusiasts, any time is a good time to get one, but there is one other official day that calls for this luscious red stone. Just like months and birthdays, anniversaries also have gemstones attached to specific years. This gemstone gets an important one- the 40th anniversary. A couple that can make it to their 40th anniversary is durable, lasting and probably still sizzling. What better way to commemorate this than a dazzling ruby necklace or some ruby diamond earrings.

Whether it is given as a birthstone or for any occasion, the red stone signifies love and affection for the recipient.

Cleaning these gemstones

This gemstone is hard – a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means it is very durable. Cleaning is easy. Your ruby necklace can be steamed, agitated in the ultrasonic cleaner or soaked in soapy warm water. A light brushing with a medium to soft bristled brush gets any dust out of the crevices. Diamonds are durable too, so if you have ruby diamond earrings, you can clean them as you normally would.

A bit of trivia

Sure purple means royalty, but red reigns. In Indian culture, it was literally treated like royalty. Whenever a stone of incomparable quality was found, the Emperor rolled out the pomp and circumstance as if it were a visiting dignitary instead of a gemstone. The Hindus would separate the stones into classes so that inferior quality stones could not taint the perfect stones and diminish their power.

This fiery red gemstone is considered the king, the most coveted and the most popular of all the gemstones. You will pay more for a perfect ruby pendant than you would for a diamond of similar quality. This is because finding them with the most desirable qualities- color, size and clarity- are rare. But, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. As long as you choose the shade and cut you like, you will sizzle with the fire of this decadent gem.

How To Find the Perfect Necklace

Perhaps you have been invited to a special holiday Christmas Dinner that will have dancing. Since you know the gathering is formal, you have already picked out a beautiful strapless, floor-length gown. Its up to you to choose the jewelry you want to wear. There are a few ideas in this article on how to pick the best necklace.

There are a few standard lengths for necklaces. In every length of category, there are a large number of variations of styles. You may want to try on different necklaces before you purchase one to be sure you find the proper length.

You need to know the shape of your face.

A face has four basic shapes like oval, round, heart-shaped, and rectangular. If you dont already know it, determine your face shape. Stand at a mirror, then just simply pull your hair back away from your face. Try outlining your face shape with a marker in the mirror.

Figure out your neck size. In order to buy a necklace that will fit you, you should be familiar with the size of your neck. Make sure when selecting a necklace for your outfit and comfort, choose one that isn’t too tight or too long.

Decide what type of neckline your outfit will have. Different lengths and styles of a necklace should be used and will look better with a different neckline. A simple string of pearls or beads works well with a v-neck, scoop neck, or boat neck dress or top. Try to find pearls or beads that will go with your dress. A little sparkle completes your overall look for a special event, like the prom. With these types of necklines, a solitaire pendant or drop pearl will look great.

If you cant find the necklace you love, one option is to add a pendant to a lovely length of gold or silver. To have a classic look, try a locket. Another option is to include a gemstone, such as an aquamarine necklace.

The length of the necklace should fit the style and type of occasion.

Try a simple style for wearing during the daytime. Go for a more elaborate piece for a special evening event.

A princess necklace is longer in length, around 17-19 inches. The necklace falls to the area of the collarbone and works well with a pendant. The length of a Matinee is longer and about 20-24 inches in length. In business attire, it is the best choice. The short necklace/collar is 12 to 10 inches, with three or more strands available. A choker, which lies above the collarbone, is 14 to 16 inches. Twenty eight to thirty four inches is considered opera length and goes well with a higher neckline.

One final tip is that ropes are usually over forty-five inches in length and can be worn in various ways, while the lariat, also being the same length, can be tied into a variety of styles. Be sure to measure the length of the necklace. The size of the clasp will affect the length of the necklace.

When you are shopping online for jewelry, make sure you read the descriptions to determine if the clasp is also included in the length mentioned. Your outfit, your faces shape, can’t go wrong once you pick the perfect necklace length and style for any of your occasions.