How to Remove Ingrown Hair?

When you see ingrown hairs developing sideways below your skin, your first instinct may be to grab your tweezers and poke them out. Many of us have experienced scabs or scars because of doing this. Sometimes the ingrown hairs create an infection below your skin which is even worse.

Ingrowing hairs originates when hairs endeavor to grow but do not get through your surface of your skin. Instead they grow sideways along or under your skin, or even turn in reverse and grow into your skin. Sometimes ingrowing hairs occur together with folliculitis, an infection of the follicle.

This vexing problem that the majority of us have encountered and many have to deal with on a daily or weekly basis can be solved with laser hair removal, the newest and probably the most successful answer to the problem of ingrown hairs.

The Ultimate Solution: Laser Removal

Unlike the old solutions, laser hair removal goes directly to the root of your problem, literally! In laser removal, special lasers seek out the follicle below your skin and kill it off to prevent any future regrowth from that follicle. Unlike electrolysis, which used to be considered the only way to permanently prevent growth, laser hair removal not only has a permanent impact but also can be utilized to quickly treat large parts of your body and not the individual hairs at a time that generally characterizes electrolysis removal.

Causes of Ingrown Hair

Whether you utilize shaving, waxing or one of the other methods of freeing yourself of unwanted body and facial hairs, you would be in a very small minority if you did not suffer from ingrown hair at one time or another. In actual fact this issue can even occur on skin which you havent waxed, tweezed or shaved at all, although it occurs more frequently on waxed or shaved skin.

Epilating Machines

The use of mechanical epilators is a big culprit in terms of ingrown hair as the hairs are torn out of their roots at odd angles. It is common for your follicle or root to become twisted or deformed, and ingrown hairs can then proliferate in a short space of time.

The Traditional Ways to Tackle Ingrown Hairs

The normal ways of tackling this unpleasant problem are exfoliation and getting out the affected hairs one by one with tweezers. Neither of these solutions solve the cause of the problem and are at best a temporary solution and at worst can result in horrible scars and scabbing.

Your Skin and Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal promises to provide the ultimate solution to ingrown hair, so if you have had enough of this problem and want a real answer, you owe it to yourself and your skin to investigate laser hair removal as a solution to ingrown hair.