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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Jobs Along With Their Descriptions

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

cna jobsIf you are in this page to know details about certified nursing assistant jobs, or for short CNA Jobs, their responsibilities, descriptions, and duties being a CNA you are in the right page. Finding a job that well copes with the economy in spite of the crisis happening with other career are the main and important highlights of this career.

Being a CNA is not as easy as it seems. If you fail to be attentive during your trainings and coaching you might fail in this career as well. What is the meaning of taking an enthusiasm to serve mankind if you don’t have the surplus skills and qualifications within you?

Providing basic health care facilities to the patients

Your work area can be either a hospital, clinic, old age care centers or an administrative center. Your job description depends upon the nature of the work area and work place where you choose to live, although basics are the same. If you’re looking for cna jobs near me, be sure to check local hospitals in your area. Also checkout websites such as

The vital Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs and their duties include:

  • Maintaining of the patients bed
  • Helping them changing their bed covers
  • Providing shower
  • Feeding the patients
  • Changing clothes and maintaining their hygiene
  • Giving them medicines in correct timing
  • Giving guidance for regular exercise if recommended by physician
  • Assist patients in toileting, walking, taking a glass of water, and whatever required

Providing essential health care facilities

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In contradiction to the above basic caring, there are some other duties as well. They includes

  • Giving injections to the patients
  • Monitoring of vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiration rate, heartbeat, palpations, blood sugar and many more
  • Monitoring of patients height and weight ratio(BMR )
  • Observing input and measuring output from patients urine, stool, blood, sputum, emesis etc
  • Observing the rate of recovery within a patient

Dealing with relatives

No one in this world is born with same set of characters and same level of thinking. The hospital place is always filled with crowded disabled ones and their relatives. And you cannot simply predict the mood of varieties of peoples there. Dealing with such huge number of crowd is almost impossible without proper education and inter personal skills.  The talents you achieve during your CNA classes will help you in long run.

Acting as a mediator between nurse and patients

In a career of Certified Nursing Assistant, you are called as the front line representative of the patients. You are the one who maintains each and every records and activities of a patient and shows it same to a nurse or a doctor. A CNA should keep daily records of every individual patient in a hospital or clinic.

The record keeping includes:

  • What are the body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiration rate, heartbeat, palpations and blood sugar level of a patient?
  • Is there any fluctuation within the data?
  • When was the medicine given to him/her?
  • Is the patient facing any problem in eating foods, breathing, toileting, visualizing, walking, etc?

The nurse and doctors will then take action and follow treatment on the basic of the report.

Maintaining health care equipments

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A nursing assistant is the not only one who take care of patients. They take care of health care equipments as well.

Controlling infections

Hospitals and clinics are the favorite place for viruses, bacteria, fungus and other harmful disease transmitting parasites. The surrounding should be cleaned from time to time. The job of a CNA includes cleaning hospital and clinics surroundings as well.

And also the CNA’s are in direct contact with patients they should know measures of protecting themselves from transmitting and harmful diseases within themselves.

A morale booster to needy ones

An in-dispensary part of being a CNA also accounts being soft and elegant to people who are in vain. A CNA can do a lot in comforting a patient and making him/her realizing that everything is going to be fine. This will definitely help a lot in quick recovery of a patient. He/she will develop self confidence and power within themselves to fight with the disease.

See how important the responsibility of a CNA accounts? You can develop correct aptitude, the right stuff, command, fineness, expertise and aura with accredited CNA schools and classes either online or offline. Consistency, Nobleness and Affirmation are the key requirements to be a CNA.