Program of All-inclusive Care For the Elderly (PACE)

Proper medical care is crucial to your health. At St.Paul’s program of all-inclusive care for the elderly health center, we provide what you need to stay active, healthy, and alert. At our medical branch, you can have your primary care doctor check-up on your medical needs, but we offer far more in terms of your health and wellbeing.

St. Paul’s PACE Medical Care

In addition to your primary care physician, we offer many specialists who can provide you with expert medical attention in a variety of fields which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Audiologist: Hearing Specialist
  • Dentist: Care of Your Teeth
  • Optometrist: Vision Specialist
  • Podiatrist: Care for Your Feet

In addition, we have a psychologist that visits our PACE health center weekly to provide support and treatment for conditions related to your mental wellbeing. From depression to anxiety and more, we offer what you need to help you when need it the most.

If you need to see a specialist, all appointments are handled through your primary care physician along with being approved by your care team. Our goal is to ensure that you get the best medical treatment and that everyone associated is involved so the best-informed decisions can be made.

You can visit our St.Paul’s PACE Reasner Center in San Diego for your medical needs. The fully trained staff, nurses, and physicians on call are there to help you with the proper treatments. You can also visit our St.Paul’s PACE Akaloa Center in Chula Vista or our St. Paul’s PACE East in El Cajon if they are closer to your location.

Our Services to You

As a participant in our St.Paul’s PACE center, your medications will be properly supervised and prescribed by your primary care physician which greatly reduces the chance of accidents from occurring.

In addition, we provide PACE nursing emergency support 24/7, which means that you can see and speak with a fully-trained nurse who will work with you no matter the time of day. We also provide quick access to your medical records in real time to answer any questions that you might have. It is recommended that your family be contacted in a reasonable amount of time if you are accessing your medical records or have need of our emergency services.

We do advise that you give our PACE San Diego staff at least 24 hours-notice to refill your prescriptions to prevent any unwanted situations from occurring. Our PACE nursing staff will be here to help in answering your questions, so you get the best care possible.

If you need medical assistance, help with your prescriptions, or just have questions to ask our PACE nursing staff, feel free to call or come by our St.Paul’s PACE Reasner Center in San Diego and we’ll provide the answers. You can also visit our St.Paul’s PACE Akaloa Center in Chula Vista or stop by our St.Paul’s PACE East in El Cajon if they are closer and more convenient to where you live.

Who will be my doctor?

You can continue to receive care from your primary care physician if he or she participates in PACE. Or, if you choose, in one of the fully equipped health clinics located right in our PACE day centers. If you need care from a specialist or in a hospital, you can choose from among the hundreds of doctors and hospitals in our provider network. Click here to learn more about program of all-inclusive care for the elderly.