Learning the Factors That Affect Aging

For many, aging is a dreaded fact of life, but unavoidable nonetheless. Countless movies and stories have reflected the fantasy of the fountain of youth that grants eternal youth to those who drink of it, as well as tales of people who have sold their souls to remain young. Even science fiction has tackled the possibility of people being able to “transfer” themselves into clones or even robots just to maintain their youthful appearance and vigor. Without a doubt, aging is really a big deal for a lot of people, if not the whole human race.

But in order to understand and appreciate the aging process, you need to know first the factors that are involved in the aging process. Many scientists and researchers have likened aging to a slow debilitating disease that eventually claims you. Although unlike other sicknesses, aging is an unchangeable fact for every single living thing on the face of the earth.

Hormones and Their Role as You Age

One of the factors that greatly contribute to the aging process is hormones. Hormones refer to the fluids that are secreted by different glands in the body. These fluids, in turn, are the ones that serve as catalysts for the change and development in the human body. Hormones and the fluids and substances they excrete within and outside the body also hold several essential functions that are essential for a human’s existence. It is quite ironic that they hold both the power of life and death.

The body starts aging when the glands that produce these hormones start to weaken and therefore release lesser amounts of hormones into the body. As they are essential to keeping you alive, a lesser amount means a slow deterioration of your life – which is what defines aging as a process. The less hormones you have in your body, the harder it will be for your body to survive, which is thus the gateway to contracting sicknesses and illnesses of all types. Some you’ll live through, the others will kill you eventually. That is the process of life that everyone needs to accept eventually.

How to Combat the Aging Process

Keep in mind that while the aging process is unavoidable for everyone, there are ways to maintain youth and vigor – a slowing of the aging process. For some, the solution lies in artificial methods such as chemical aids in the form of pills and artificial/chemical supplements, as well as the physical alteration of the body or plastic surgery. The price is a bit steep for both – as both take a toll on your health, as well as on your finances.

However, there are many natural ways to maintain your youth and delay the aging process a bit – which will make you look much younger, and be stronger and healthier than your age. One simple way to accomplish this is to take note of what you eat, and consume only generally healthy foods. With the kind of food being sold today, especially in fast food joints and even in some restaurants, you need to make sure that your body is taking in the right about of nutrients – preferably a bit more – than it needs. Another natural method is exercise, which, when used in tandem with a good and healthy diet, can do you wonders.

Farewell To Annoying Wrinkles And Fine Lines

In most cases not so long ago, there is an unspoken sanctity with each confession on wrinkle treatment. But as the age increases, it becomes an accepted fact of life. The mission to find the best wrinkle treatment is difficult, yet it is increasingly becoming a necessity.

What makes this mission simply difficult?

For the past couple of years, numerous products on wrinkle treatment have been released in the market. By the first half of this year, a resounding ten-billion-dollar (and increasing) worth of skin care products have been sold, most of which are anti-aging products. That would signify a very wide range of products with their own set of commercials, models, paraphernalias, and the like. This just makes it very hard to come up with the best anti-wrinkle cream.

Most of us do not have an idea how aging works. So we just storm into department stores and get the first product that crosses our eye – maybe because the model was our favorite, or because it is the most affordable. Perhaps a little knowledge on the causes and mechanism associated with aging would help make the selection job easier.

So how do we get wrinkles?

Our skin is maintained by two kinds of proteins: collagen and elastin. Collagen provides support and stability; it connects the skin to the tissues. It is made up of strong fibers; it is therefore responsible for the firm skin in the young. As a result, it is considered a cosmetic protein as well. However, aging takes its toll on collagen production. The collagen begins to degenerate, and there is lesser collagen production compared to before. The skin then becomes less firm, and then sags. Collagen cannot be applied on the skin, which makes topical collagen treatments a complete fallacy. This is because the protein is too large to penetrate the skin barrier. That is why the best option is to stimulate production of collagen through specific substances. This would then help the body produce additional collagen and in the process regain a youthful appearance.

Another important protein is elastin, which is responsible for your skin’s elasticity and flexibility. It gives your skin its shape and makes your skin supple. Similar to collagen, elastin degenerates as age increases. And like collagen, it cannot traverse the skin barrier, so topical applications are still ineffective in this regard. That is why wrinkle treatments are created – to provide solutions to this problem on decreased collagen and elastin production.

Now knowing the two proteins responsible for a youthful appearance, selection of the best anti-wrinkle treatment should be a lot easier. Upon purchasing a product, be sure to take time to look upon the list of ingredients and make sure you are targeting the right proteins. The key to rejuvenation is now reachable; it is just up to you how to find it. It is also advisable to try first samples before proceeding with a purchase, to ensure that the product is well-suited for your skin type. You can look for a wrinkle treatment with highly efficient ingredients such as Edelweis Extract, DMAE and Dermox SRC, which target collagen and elastin production itself.